Most people know what it feels like to sing alongside Adele as they listen to her through their headphones. But Naperville’s own Allie Gargano of Nequa Valley high school got to know what it feels like to sing with the award-winning songstress live in direct at the United Center in Chicago Illinois.

Singing before a sold-out crowd at Chicago’s United Center is likely a dream come true for Adele, let alone for the young Naperville woman pulled from the audience¬†to share the stage with the megastar chanteuse.

A photo posted on Instagram and a video on YouTube tell the story. Ally Gargano, a Neuqua Valley High School graduate and former member of the Young Naperville Singers, somehow caught the attention of Adele as she sang along at the British singer’s concert Wednesday night.

Gargano was invited onstage to sing a few bars of “Make You Feel My Love,” which seemed to delight the “Hello” singer as she gave the spotlight over to Gargano and stepped back to sing along on the side.

“That was amazing,” Adele said when she finished. “Thanks for pointing her out, guys.”

And while I will try not to be utterly jealous of Allie and the fact that she sang with my most favorite singer ever I will sit here at my computer and congratulate her nonetheless with a jealous scowl on my face.

Congrats again Allie, you have an amazing voice and you should be proud of the opportunity to sing with one of my most favorite artist ever.